The sanctuary of your happiness is the protection of your body

Furnish your body all the chances
To be protected, a well protected body leads you to a healthy and happy lifestyle.

Our Solutions to Body Protection


  • Skin care protection.
  • Ultra Hydration
  • Powerful anti-oxidant
  • Fights stress, fatigue
  • Detoxifying anti-agent
  • NON-LAXATIVE Slimming
  • Converts fat into energy
  • Improve muscle strength.
  • Enhanced Glutathione
  • Sun protection
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We are Authorized Frontrow Reseller!

Every product we sell we love and use on a daily basis.  We want to make sure they are perfect for you & your lifestyle.We are completely transparent about where we get our products, how and where they were made and how to use them.

We double & triple check all of our products so they are sent to you at the highest quality possible – we’ve won awards for this.


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This video is a personal invitation from Rodel, the operator admin of He invites you heroes to register. By joining the healthy and happy group, you will be entitled to a discount coupon which you can use to purchase love product items from our shop. Furthermore, you will receive updates and promos regarding our products for your future purchase.

Categories and Shop Resources


Health Supplements

Skin care protection, Non-Laxative slimming, converts fat into energy, enhanced glutathione, fights stress and fatigue.

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Beauty and Skin Care

Skin whitening, sun protection, anti-ageing, Ultra hydration, detoxifying anti-agent.

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A health and wellness package which commits you heroes to resell or distribute our products and enjoy a lifetime of discount privileges.

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frequently asked questions (faq)

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What benefits I can get, Upon signing up ?
Jack Lalanne, famous fitness guru said “Your body is your most perfect possession; you’ve got to take care of it. We will just follow what he said, we will take care of your body. After all, WE VALUE YOUR WELLNESS.
How do we know that, we are buying the original products ?
We are a Frontrow International member for over a year now. We get our products from only one source. We have supplied our clients with our love products and no one even bothered to complain about originality. Further, we have 15 days money back guarantee, should it be proven that the products we supplied are fake.
How are we different from the other suppliers who are already in the market ?
Well, I can assume, that as far as the products are concerned, there’s no doubt, we are all the same. However, clients nowadays are not only looking for the products they need, let’s put it this way, “…if you go to the barber shop, and you did not see your barber, the tendency is for you to leave the shop, and return only, if your barber is already there…” we can assure you of our personal interactions. Products delivery and services, will be our utmost priority. You are the hero in our story.
How can you contact us immediately ?
Our website:, our Support email: [email protected] And our interactive mobile phone; +63-908-966-2251. We are always available: 24/7.

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No Problem! All purchases are guaranteed original. We have 15-day Money Back Guarantee, should it be proven otherwise.

After finishing 1 bottle, I can say that marks from unwanted scratch and mosquito bites have lightened a bit. This is one of the ways where I gauge the effectiveness of glutathione in giving that whitening side effect/s.[More]
Kath Rivera, Blogger
A milestone in beauty and wellness… you are bound to feel as good as new with LUXXE Renew! says former Miss Universe from South Africa stands because of her stunning beauty and genuine warmth. [More]
Demi-Leigh Nel-Peters Ms. Universe 2017
Imagine that you can lose weight without a bowel movement. To sweat without spending money in the gym. Luxxe Slim is my favourite Frontrow product…[More]
Kelly Welt Blogger
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